Otis elevators

Adding and configuring Otis elevator in Device tab

Before adding Otis elevator to CredoID, make sure that the module “Otis elevator module” is enabled. To check this, go to Settings tab -> Modules -> Otis elevator module. After this module is enabled and it is saved in Settings tab, Otis elevator devices can be added to CredoID.

Spam time-out - field specifies time-out of spam protection that is triggered when user tries to access DEC or linked reader multiple times in a shorter time duration then specified by time-out field. By default this protection is globally applied to DEC linked readers to enable protection for Otis DEC reader authorizations user must configure DEC related door configuration (see Otis elevator configuration in Doors tab) by checking "Automatically clear forced alarm when door is closed". Field value of 0 disables spam protection.

NOTE: changing DEC spam protection related door configuration requires service restart


Otis elevators are added manually to CredoID. To do so, go to Device tab and press “Create new item” to create a new device. In “Controller type” select “Otis elevator”.


Give the controller a name, configure the location and IP address. Choose an Operations mode:

  • Operation mode 1 – Default Floor. When a credential is presented, a default floor (lobby floor) and authorized floors will be sent to the DEC. The user picks the desired floor after that.
  • Operation mode 2 – Access to Authorized Floor(s). When a credential is presented, only authorized floors will be sent to the DEC. The user picks the desired floor after that.
  • Operation mode 3 – User Entry of Destination Floor. A user selects their desired floor. This may be performed with or without the presentation of a credential.
  • Operation mode 4 – Default Floor or User Entry of Destination Floor. A user has to present a credential. The user will be sent to the default floor (lobby floor) by default unless a destination floor was chosen before the timeout.

Click on “Slave devices” to add DEC keypads and readers. Each slave has to be added manually by typing in the IP address and pressing “Add DEC”.


Otis elevator configuration in Doors tab

Each Otis elevator DEC's has to have a door configure to it. While configuring elevator doors, in Panel number, select a DEC's IP address.


Note: Otis elevator doors can only have Entry doors, no Exit doors should be configured.

If the DEC is connected with another reader or controller that already has a configured door, then the controllers or readers connection with the DEC have to be configured in the Module settings under Otis elevator module.


Otis elevator configuration in Elevator tab

Create an elevator, by clicking on “Add new item to list” button. Name the elevator and choose the Otis controller from “Elevator controller” list.


After that, elevator floors have to be configured. Click on configuration button next to the Elevator controller field and configure elevator floors. The amount of floors that are available to configure are the amount of DEC’s configured on the controller.


  • Use. Enable the amount of floors needed for the elevator.
  • Floor name. Write down the floors name.
  • Index. This is the floors number. Enter a correct number for each floor.
  • Lobby floor/Is allowed. Select the default floor, the starting floor.

After floors have been configured, close the “Configure elevator floors” window. Now in Elevator tab, click on “Add reader” button and add configured Otis doors, which have DEC IP’s configured to it. After that, a floor has to be designated to a specific floor (example: first floor with the first floors door, second floor – second floor door…). To do so, select a door and then right-click, select “Add floor” and select the correct floors for the doors.


Otis elevator configuration in Access levels tab

Configure Access levels. After adding elevator doors to access level configuration, save it and buttons “Floors” should appear near the elevator doors.


Click on “Floors” to open “Configure floor access” window, where selected floors can be enabled or disabled and a default floor can be assigned. Note, that only one default floor can be assigned to an access level.


After access levels are configured, they can be assigned to users. Otis elevator configuration is complete.

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