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Credo Mobile Access Platform is an Android based application for access control and employee attendance. Credo MAP can turn any Android-based device into access control reader or attendance terminal. The application seamlessly integrates with Credo Enterprise security management software.

Download CredoID mobile app

This app is not downloadable through Google Play store, only through Midpoint Security page.

To download app installation file, either add it to you phone while it is connected to the computer or download it through the mobile phone by clicking the link below or scan the QR code to download it. After downloading the installation file, install it inside the mobile phone.

CredoID Mobile App


CredoID mobile app configuration

NFC has to be enable on the mobile phone for the app to work. If the NFC is not enabled, the app won’t launch and will direct the user to enable NFC mode.

After installation is complete, launch the “CredoID” app. A communication window should appear if launching the app for the first time. Configure network settings (Server IP and Service port), as well additional settings if necessary:


  • Service IP. CID service IP.
  • Service port. CID service port (default 58008).
  • Flip card numbers. Reads hex number from other side.
  • Photo timeout. Time before taking a photo, seconds.
  • Auto close timeout. The time before sending the event automatically, seconds.

Note, that the port 58008 should be open on the firewall (if it is enabled) on the PC where the CredoID service is running. If it isn't opened, it might not let the mobile device to connect with the CredoID service. This also applies if a different port is being used.

After configurations are done, before clicking “Try connect”, be sure that mobile license is installed on CredoID software and that it is enabled. To do so, go to Settings tab > Modules > Mobile module, enable the module if it is disabled and press save button in Settings tab. If Mobile module is enabled, click “Try connect” on the CredoID mobile app.

If Mobile module is enabled, click “Try connect” on the CredoID mobile app. If a line shows up “Connected to server. Please complete configuration in software”, that means it has connected with the CredoID.  If a message “Unable to connect” is displayed while trying to connect, that means either there is a communication issues, bad IP/port configuration or Firewall doesn’t let through the connections.

If the mobile app has connected to CredoID, in the GUI, there should be a new device on the Device tab, called Mobile device with a state “Out of sync”. Make a full upload for the device, by clicking on Upload all data to controller button for it to connect properly with CredoID Mobile App.


What can be configured:

  • Name. The name of the mobile device.
  • Location. Indicates the location that the mobile device is assigned to.
  • IMEI. Mobile devices unique 15-digit IMEI number.
  • Timeout before photo. Indicates the time before taking a photo.
  • Auto close timeout. Indicates time before the event is sent automatically.
  • Require photo (checkbox). Indicates that a photo is required to be taken and sent to CredoID after a credential is presented.
  • Get photo (checkbox). After an identification is presented, will allow to take a picture to add to the event.
  • Mobile mode. Indicates if the camera is enabled or disabled. By default, the camera is disabled.
    • Disable camera. Camera mode will be disabled and no photos will be able to be taken.
    • Enable camera. Camera mode will be enabled and photos will be able to be taken and added to events or users. This allows to take photos after a credential is presented.
  • Camera type. Indicates which camera will be used for taking pictures. By default, Camera facing back is used.
    • Camera facing back. Uses the camera located on the back of the mobile device.
    • Camera facing front. Uses the camera located on the front of the mobile device.
  • Device PIN & Reenter admin PIN. The admin PIN number that is used to access Credo MAP settings tab on the mobile device. The PIN number can only contain numbers and must be 4 digits long.

After the device settings have been configured, go to Doors tab and configure a door for the mobile app device with an Entry or Exit, or both. On how to configure doors and more about its preferences, please follow door configuration manual. Save the door configurations and CredoID mobile app should become operational.


CredoID Mobile app UI review

After Mobile device has been configured on CredoID, Mobile app on the phone should become functional and on top of the main menu, it should show “Online”. Depending on the doors settings ( card, PIN functions, both Entry and Exit directions), main menu of the UI should look like this:


  • Fields. There are 2 possible enter fields where it is possible to enter data manually: PIN and Card. These fields can be configured in CredoID, on mobile doors settings Default mode (Card, PIN, Card or PIN, Card and PIN).
  • Inside users. If the mobile device has APB configured in CredoID, when clicked, it will show how many user are in the APB area it belongs to.
  • Directions. This button appears when the mobile door has both Entry and Exit configured for the mobile device. By clicking on this button, it switches between Entry and Exit directions.

On the right-top corner, there is a sub-menu, where it is possible to go to Settings, Add user tab or Exit the app. Device PIN password is required to enter these tabs.


CredoID Mobile app usage

Before applying a credential to CredoID mobile app, be sure that the direction is set correctly (Entry or Exit). This is very important when using Time & Attendance feature (clock-in and clock-out).

CredoID mobile app has 3 ways it can identify a credential: by presenting a card/tag on the back of the mobile device, by entering a PIN number or the cards number manually. After a credential is presented, an access granted or access denied event should be displayed with a sound indicator, displaying users name and their photo.


After a credential has been presented, it is possible to check users more detailed information, by clicking on Details button. As well, it is possible to add a comment to this event.

To confirm an event and send it to CredoID software, click Submit button and a message should be displayed “The user event has been registered", indicating a successful send over. In CredoID, on Monitoring tab, it should display generated events.

If “mode 2” is selected on Mobile mode settings, when a credential is presented, rather than presenting a users photo, it will give a choice to take a photo of the event.

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